Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My First Half Marathon Tomorrow on Thanksgiving

Tomorrow, Thanksgiving morning, comes with an early 4.15am wake-up for the Atlanta Half Marathon! Not only my first half, but the longest run with Vicious Bastard to-date! (see below for more on him)

I'm psyched, and although I haven't had as much time to train as I would have liked, I know I won't be alone as my best pal and I will have a blast. We're cyclists by nature, so we aren't going to set any course records pounding the pavement. However, our clutch humor will be in ample supply to get us through the suck.

Oh, and if you have experience with Hammer Gel's Endurolytes, how would you recommend using throughout the race? Right about now is when I'm kicking my own ass for not incorporating more hill training or paying attention to a course, sheesh.

As promised, Vicious Bastard on my last run:

Happy Thanksgiving!

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