Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to School... nearly! Also, 2011 At-A-Glance

Yes folks, it's true: I'm headed back to school for my second bachelors degree, this time in Nursing.  I'm stoked for several reasons, but when it's all said and done in about 2 years I'll have my BA in English and BS in Nursing hanging side-by-side, a testimony to my mantra that "Life is about Balance."

Additionally, this week marks the midterm week for Psych and Statistics, hitting the half-way point of my 8 week semester "warm-up" for going back to school full-time this early June (hopefully... if the classes aren't full come registration time).  Trying to wade through the ridiculous pre-reqs (miss those, don't you?) just to get to the good (nursing) stuff is a pain in my ass, but it must be done.  Taking some of these courses makes about as much sense as that hilarious website where people write and speak funny.

So, it looks like April 26th will be d-day for registration, thus deciding whether or not I'm walking away (running away) from my full time job as web person for my company's oh-so-blah corporate headquarters.  In this economy, that takes guts... or a suspension of one's senses... or both, perhaps?  Nah, just a plan - an investment in a brighter future.  Let's do it!

Here is how 2011 is shaping-up: Training, Playing and Studies

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