Friday, May 28, 2010

Back to School, Resigning at "The Job"

 Yes, it's official.  At 10am this morning, while sipping a hot cup of coffee I tendered my official two-week job resignation notice while pondering over the minutia I may or may have not anticipated, and a rather long checklist of to-dos.

In seventeen days time I will be a pupil of microbiology, anatomy and physiology, global microbials and a plethora of other scientific musings in the hopes of satisfying prerequisites towards an accelerated nursing program.  Since I have an official military obligation (another school entirely) to satisfy January thru May of 2011, time is short and the sequence of courses must be absolutely harmonious to gain acceptance in Fall of next year to the accelerated program.

Am I nervous?  Hell yes, but with anticipation and promise of a career path that I can commit myself to fully, that melds with my values and future goals/personal potential.

Eventually, my Bachelors of Arts will be accompanied by a Bachelors of Science.  Until then, tons of prereq's, an 18 week military obligation and then the program proper.  I'm excited!  It appears that not all things become jaded with age...:)


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