Monday, February 22, 2010

We won the Gnarliest Photo Contest!

We won the Gnarliest Photo Contest over at Steve's blog!  Yes, you read that correctly: WE.  I did the hurting and you did the voting and together "we" came out with the big win.  Thank you for your votes!  With 40.1% (204) of the total (509) votes, it was a landslide victory.

Some of you were around to help me through my epic guardrail crash of '05, for which I'm grateful beyond words.  Talk about depressing... as for the rest of you, I'm grateful for you taking time out of your busy lives to cast your ballot!

AND, as a man of my word, let me know when you're in the area for that run or bike ride and I'll loan you the Sugoi Zap Vest for the outing.  (It's bright enough to be seen from space so it should do the job.)  Thanks to Sugoi and Road ID for sponsoring the contest!!

The votes

 The winnings

Public Service Announcement: (I'd be remiss if I failed to take advantage of this soap box.)  Accidents and injuries can account for major set-backs, or worse.  While some accidents and/or injuries are not preventable, staying VISIBLE on the roads/trails will decrease your chance of injury due to another person's negligence.  Unless you're in a controlled photo shoot environment, on a closed course, or a paid actor, you don't look awesome decked-out in all black (okay, maybe you do... but not smart) on a road bike. 

While neon and day-glow colors survived through the 80's - and how! - even if you think it's stylishly hideous, it's better to be "safely hideous" versus stylishly hit-by-a-car.  (Just look at that Sugoi Zap Vest!  Epic.  How can you miss it?)  And DO carry your medical information AND emergency contact info on you when you're out and about; you never know when you're going to need it (like the Road ID bracelet that I came very close to purchasing near Christmas).  Bottom-line is "Safety First" so you can keep going out there and having fun.

Thanks again!  You rock!!


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